Diakonia is a Christian adult education program offered in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod and other synods throughout the ELCA. There are 12 classes in the program that cover theological topics such as the Bible, Christian Ethics, Christian Doctrine, Practical Ministry and others. Together, students and teachers work to discover the richness and depth of God’s word as revealed in these disciplines. The curriculum is designed to:

  • Offer grounding in classic seminary disciplines of practical, systematic, historical, and Biblical theology.
  • Help individuals identify unique skills and aptitudes in servant leadership.
  • Encourages service and discipleship.

For more information, please visit http://www.diakoniausa.org/participating-synods/iindiana-kentucky-synod-diakonia/ Or, contact Kim LaSalle-Hiatt at:kim.hiatt@lasallemarketing.com.



Where every member is a missionary, every pastor is a mission director, and every congregation is a mission center.