Positions to be nominated by the Indiana-Kentucky Synod Nominating Committee: Synod Council (Clergy) – 3 positions

3 at large positions, male or female, 3 year term each

Synod Council (Youth) – 1 position

1 at large position, male or female, 2 year term
Youth representative shall be a confirmed person, a member of a congregation of the synod,
and shall not have attained the age of 18 at the time of the election.

Synod Council (Young Adult) – 1 position

1 at large position, male or female, 3 year term
Must be between age 18 and 30 at time of election

Discipline Committee – 4 positions

2 clergy, 6 year term
1 lay female, 6 year term
1 lay male, 6 year term

Consultation Committee – 1 positions

1 clergy, male or female, 6 year term

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Indiana-Kentucky Corporation Board – 1 position

1 lay position, female, 3 year term

Position to be nominated by Special Task Force:

Secretary of the Synod

In accordance with the I-K Synod’s Constitution and By-Laws, S8.30, (https://iksynod.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Synod-Constitution-June-2017.pdf), the secretary shall serve a four-year term and be a member of an I-K Synod congregation. She/he may be ordained, commissioned, consecrated, or lay. See the Synod Constitution +S8.32 for list of duties.

Members of the Task Force for this position are Pastor Teri Ditslear, Mike Anderson, and Linda Wray. To submit nominations for this position contact Mike Anderson at marymike2.anderson@gmail.com.

Positions to be nominated by Synod Conferences:

Synod Council (Lay) – 3 positions (one nominee from each conference, 3 year term)

Lay female: East Kentucky Conference
Lay male: North Central and Northwest Conferences

Nomination Form

The Nomination Form can be downloaded from the Indiana-Kentucky Synod website at: www.iksynod.org/nominate. You can also request a copy from Carol Ann Webb (cwebb@iksynod.org) at 317.253.3522.

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