Mission Support

As members of the ELCA, our faith in a loving God frees us to be generous and to boldly participate in God’s work in the world. Stewardship is no longer simply about paying the church’s bills. It is about how congregations can together live out God’s call to love our neighbor. We are open to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to participate in and contribute to God’s work in the world using all of the gifts that God has entrusted to our care. Mission Support — the portion of offerings that ELCA congregations share with synods and the churchwide organization — unites us in this vital, life-giving work.

We appreciate the Mission Support (formerly known as benevolence) that individuals and congregations share with the Indiana-Kentucky Synod. These gifts support the day-to-day ministry of the synod along with many processes, projects, and educational opportunities. Of the Mission Support sent to the synod, 43% is forwarded to ELCA Churchwide. Joined with the Mission Support from approximately 8,500 other congregations across the ELCA, we accomplish amazing mission and ministry around the globe. Click the buttons below for specific information regarding how Mission Support is utilized.