Voting Members Representation Formula (Synod Council Action SC/2015/50)

  • Each congregation shall elect two lay voting members (one male and one female) for the Indiana-Kentucky Synod
  • Additional voting members shall be elected following the chart below:
Congregational Baptized



Number of additional voting members

351 – 700 1 (male or female)
701 – 1,000 2 (1 male, 1 female)

1,001 – 1,500

3 (male or female to balance



More than 1,500

4 (male or female to balance


  • Congregations may send one additional voting member who is a person of color or person whose primary language is other than
  • Congregations may send one additional voting member who is a youth (confirmed to age

17) or young adult (between 18 and 30).

Voting member representation shall be determined by the most recent congregational report on file with the ELCA and synod office. Any changes in congregational representation, including substitution, must be approved by the secretary of the synod, Judy Bush:

Professional Leaders Representation

  1. All ministers of Word and Sacrament and all ministers of Word and Service under call and on the roster of this synod in attendance at the IN-KY Synod Assembly shall be voting members (IN-KY Synod Constitution †S7.21a and b). Ministers of Word and Service are considered in addition to the voting membership of lay members from congregations.
  2. All retired rostered ministers of this synod shall have the privilege of voice and vote at meetings of the IN-KY Synod Assembly (IN-KY Synod Bylaws S7.22.01 and 22.02).
  3. By action of the IN-KY Synod Council (SC/2009/32), pastors from other traditions who are not currently rostered in the ELCA, but are serving congregations of the synod under appointment of the bishop as interim ministers must register as visitors and have voice but not a vote during the assembly. It is expected that the congregations being served by these ministers will cover the cost of their

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