IK Synod Shared Ministry

Shared Ministry in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod is described as two or more congregations sharing pastoral leadership (and perhaps other staff) while also sharing some mission and ministry. See more information about Shared Ministry​.


Alliance Churches

Led by the Spirit, Alliance Churches will partner together to discover mutual benefits for strong leadership, vital mission and ministry, engagement in the community, renewed viability and long-term sustainability. In each Alliance Model, a covenant will be created to guide the vision, mission and day-to-day operation of the model.

IK Synod Area Mission Conversations

In the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, Area Mission Conversations are Christ centered. The goal of the conversations is to maximize and focus the mission and ministry of the participating sites. The partnership creates the opportunity to share ideas, energies, leadership, and resources for mission and ministry. Area Mission Conversations might result in a Shared Ministry. See more information about Area Mission Conversations​.


If your congregation is interested in exploring Shared Ministry or Area Mission Conversations with one or more other congregations, please contact Pastor Nancy Nyland, DEM, at [email protected].