SUNDAY SCHOOL @ HOME – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (July 4, 2021)

Bible Passage
Jesus Sends His Disciples (Mark 6:1-13)

Today is the 6th Sunday of Pentecost.  During Pentecost, we grow closer to God and closer to one another.


This week, in our reading from the gospel of Mark, we hear about Jesus sending his disciples out in groups of two to travel to new places to teach others about him.


Let’s watch this video together to hear what happened:


Jesus sent his disciples out in groups of two to travel to new places to tell other people about him.  He told them what they should take with them on their journeys and what they should leave behind.  He told them to wear sandals and take a walking stick, but not to take food, extra clothes, or money.  When we go on a trip we usually take all of the things we think we’ll need, but Jesus wanted the disciples to trust him and knew that as they taught others about him that they would share what they had and the disciples would have everything they needed.


In Jesus’ time, travel was difficult and it was dangerous.  They didn’t have cars or trains or buses, so people mostly had to walk to get wherever they were going.  They could get caught in a storm or robbers.  There weren’t hotels like we have today and so it could be hard to find a place to stay for the night.  Because travel was difficult and dangerous, Jesus sent the disciples in groups of two.  The disciples showed how much they trusted Jesus by agreeing to travel to new places to teach others about Jesus.


Jesus asked the disciples to teach others about him and to heal others in his name.  The disciples did just that.  Jesus calls us to love our neighbors.  When we do that – when we share Jesus’ love with others – we help others see that Jesus is alive in our world today through our actions.  When we serve others in Jesus’ name, we help others see that Jesus is alive in our world today through our actions.  It is an amazing thing that we get to help others know and experience Jesus’ love!




  • When you are going on a trip, what do you take with you?
  • What did the disciples take with them when they went to new places to tell others about Jesus?
  • Where would you go with a friend to tell others about Jesus if you could?



He Is The Light. LifeTree Kids.



Jesus told the disciples not to take any food with them when they traveled to new places to tell others about him.  When we travel, we usually either bring food with us or buy something along the way.  Today, why not make a Trail Mix?  That’s something that you could eat when traveling.  Here’s a simple recipe:  2 cups of pretzels, 2 cups of corn chex, 1 cup of mini marshmallows, 1 cup of M & M’s, 1 cup of raisins, 1 cup of nuts or Skittles or another favorite treat.  Mix together.  Enjoy!



Jesus asked his disciples to travel to a new place.  Why not watch a movie together as family that has a travel theme or which involves travel in some way.  Here are some suggestions:  Finding Nemo, Paddington, Paddington 2, The Adventures of Tintin, Coco, March of the Penguins, Ratatouille, Hugo, Madagascar.  Please judge for yourself if the movie would be appropriate for your family.  Talk about how travel is part of the movie.  Talk about what travel would have been like for Jesus’ disciples.


Closing Prayer

God, we thank you for your Son, Jesus.  We thank you for your whole creation.  We thank you for people all over the world.  Help us share your love with others who are both near and far.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.



Pastor Dan Fugate, Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA, put this lesson together for Sunday School @ Home.  There will be a new one for each Sunday while we are unable to gather together physically in our congregational buildings.  Contact him at [email protected].