SUNDAY SCHOOL @ HOME – Third Sunday in Lent (March 7, 2021)

Bible Passage

Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)


The Israelites were on their way to the promised land.  This was the land that God had promised would be theirs.  They walked and walked and walked, camping overnight under the starts, only to get up and walk again the next day.  God watched over them.  When they reached the bottom of a big mountain called Mount Sinai, they camped there overnight.  On the morning of the third night that they were there, a dark cloud covered the mountain.  Thunder and lightening filled the sky.  It was frightening!  Then the voice of God called out to Moses.  God asked Moses to climb to the top of the mountain.  Let’s watch the video and hear what happened.


God gave 10 rules – what we call the 10 commandments – so that people could live with God and with each other in peace.  God didn’t give these rules to punish anyone.  God gave these rules because God loves us and wants what is best for us.


  • What would the world be like without rules?
  • The Israelites followed God by following the 10 Commandments.  How do you follow God?
  • Who loves you even when you breaks rules?



I’ll Do My Best.  Go Fish Guys.  (I know I use Go Fish Guys a lot.  I love their music.)


This video offers some hand motions that can help in remembering the 10 commandments.  There are two things to note.  The first is that some explanation may be needed for some of the terms used, such as adultery (if you are married, being loyal to the one you are married to).  The second is that the video notes that it was adapted for use by Catholics.  Lutherans and Roman Catholics number the 10 Commandments in the same way (which is slightly different from most Protestants) and so that’s why this video was chosen.



Make some Rice Krispy treats and cut them like stone tablets.  They should have rectangle corners on the bottom and be dome shaped on the top.



God, thank you for the 10 commandments.  Help us to live in peace with you and with others.  Amen.


Pastor Dan Fugate, Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA, put this lesson together for Sunday School @ Home.  There will be a new one for each Sunday while we are unable to gather together physically in our congregational buildings.  Contact him at [email protected].