• Rev. Dr. William O. Gafkjen



  • Rev. Heather Apel

    Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership

    317-253-3522, ext. 303

  • Rev. Dr. Daniel W. Fugate

    Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship

    317-253-3522, ext. 319

  • Rev. Nancy Nyland

    Director for Evangelical Mission

    317-253-3522 ext. 318

  • Thomas Dearchs

    Director of Communications, Administration, and Worship Life

    317-253-3522, ext. 305

  • Rev. Dr. Jerry O’Neal

    Director of Stewardship

    317-253-3522 ext. 316

  • April Lynch

    Administrative Assistant to Bishop Gafkjen; Database Manager

    317-253-3522, ext. 311

  • Carol Webb

    Administrative Assistant to Rev. Nancy Nyland, Rev. Daniel Fugate, and Rev. Jerry O'Neal

    317-253-3522, ext. 312

  • Sylvia Ore

    Administrative Assistant to Rev. Heather Apel and Bookkeeper

    317-253-3522, ext. 313

  • Chris Burnette

    ELCA Regional Gift Planner

    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    3296 Grand Falls Blvd. Maineville, OH 45039
    (513) 509-8332

Where every member is a missionary, every pastor is a mission director, and every congregation is a mission center.