Transformational Leadership Academy Training

“What’s Lutheran about Theology?” Dr. Brent Hege

Aug 29 10am-4pm Eastern Daylight Time

In this edition of the TLA training, Dr. Brent Hege will share some central themes of Lutheran theology, organized around the principles of catholicevangelical, and modern. We will discuss what connects Lutheran theology to its Catholic roots, Luther’s central evangelical insights, and what it means to think theologically as Lutherans in a rapidly changing world.

Dr. Brent Hege is Senior Lecturer in Religion and Center for Faith and Vocation Scholar in Residence at Butler University in Indianapolis. He is a member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Indy and has served on the IK Synod Candidacy Committee since 2015.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please email Cory Driver [email protected] to RSVP for the ZOOM link.