Exploring God’s Expectations

Congregations who are in transition between called pastors will discern the next steps for their mission and ministry through a process called Exploring God’s Expectations facilitated by Pastor Nancy Nyland, Director for Evangelical Mission.

These questions and more will be explored:

  • How do you see God at work in your congregation?
  • What are the congregation’s greatest challenges and fears?
  • What mission and ministry is happening both inside and outside the church walls?
  • Do you have a mission/purpose statement?
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • Who is God calling you to be and what is God calling you to do in the next chapter of your ministry?
  • How does this impact who you will call for your next pastoral leader?
  • How do all of you listen deeply to one another and God during this time of transition?

Find an outline of the process as well as tools and resources to facilitate deep listening and reflection in the congregation.