If are using the separate parts of this video, and downloaded Part 3 prior to 7:30 PM EST on December 20, you will need to download that portion again, as the previous link went to the wrong video.  The download link to the other four parts and to the complete video were correct and remain the same.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click here to download the Gospel Reading of Luke 2:1-20, parts 1-5 (no breaks) with meditations from IN-KY Synod Staff  and Gospel texts included


Here are the parts recorded individually to use in a worship service with hymns in between:

Part 1- Luke 2:1-5 with meditation by Bishop Bill Gafkjen                             Watch Video       Download Video

Part 2- Luke 2:6-7 with meditation by Pastor Dan Fugate                             Watch Video.       Download Video.

Part 3- Luke 2: 8-14 with meditation by Pastor Heather Apel                       Watch Video       Download Video.

Part 4 -Luke 2: 15-16 with meditation by Pastor Jerry O’Neal                       Watch Video       Download Video.

Part 5 – Luke 2: 17-20 with meditation by Pastor Nancy Nyland                  Watch Video.      Download Video.