Bible Passage
Seventh Sunday of Easter (Acts 16:16-40)


Today is the Seventh Sunday of Easter.  We continue to celebrate Jesus rising from death to new life.

Today, we learn about a time when Paul and Silas were put in jail, how an earthquake unlocked the jail cells, and how the jail guard and his family were baptized!

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Paul and his friend Silas traveled to many places to teach people about Jesus.  In one of the town that they went to, the leaders thought they were telling lies and had them put in jail.

Paul and Silas had a strong faith in Jesus.  Even at midnight in that jail, they were praying and singing songs of praise to God.  They knew that Jesus was with them.  The other people in the jail were listening to them.

Suddenly, there was an earthquake.  The jail doors opened and the handcuff and chains came off the prisoners.  The jail guard was afraid that all the prisoners had left and he would be in trouble.  He asked if anyone was still there.  But Paul said, “Yes, we’re all still here!”  Then the jail guard knew that Paul and Silas were good people and what they were teaching about Jesus was true.  They didn’t escape from the jail even though they could have.  He believed in God and wanted to baptized.

The jail guard took and Paul and Silas to his home and gave them something to eat.  Paul and Silas taught the jail guard and his family more about Jesus.  When they left, they continued their travels and told even more people about Jesus.

You and I can tell others about Jesus and his love for us just like Paul and Silas.


  • What is one of your favorite songs about Jesus?
  • Why didn’t Paul and Silas leave the jail when the doors were unlocked?
  • How can you tell or show others about God’s love?



Jesus Loves Me.  Go Fish Guys.



Learn more about earthquakes and what causes them by watching the video below.



Have a simple snack of prison bars while you learn about Paul and Silas by reading Acts 16:16-40 from the Bible.  What are prison bars?  Simply, pretzel sticks!


Closing Prayer

Jesus, you are always with us, no matter what we face.  Help us always to remember that.  Help us always to remind others that you are with them, too.  Help us love you and love one another.  Amen.


Pastor Dan Fugate, Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA, put this lesson together for Sunday School @ Home.  Contact him at [email protected].