Thursday, December 1:  Now at the time of the incense-offering, the whole assembly of the people was praying outside… Meanwhile, the people were waiting for Zechariah, and wondered at his delay in the sanctuary. When he did come out, he could not speak to them, and they realized that he had seen a vision in the sanctuary. He kept motioning to them and remained unable to speak. Luke 1:10, 21-22 (New Revised Standard Version)


Praying together as a people is common when we have a joint cause, like someone in our faith community has been involved in an accident, or gets a diagnosis of cancer, or receives word that a member of their family living in another state has died. And yet I have witnessed other times when our faith community has come together to pray for the common everyday stuff of life.

As a community of faith, we often share our prayer concerns and children are the most honest about praying for the everyday kinds of things like their dog hurt its paw this week, or I miss my cousin because they went back home after a week’s visit, or I have a test in math next week. We can all learn from the honesty of children and learn to come together about all things in our lives. God wants to hear our prayers about the details of life that are on our hearts, no matter if we think they are not as important as others: they are all important to God.

 Prayer: Gracious Father, we thank you for the example of the whole assembly praying. Help us to pray always and trust in your promise to hear us even when we don’t understand all that is going on around us. Amen.

Wondering While Waiting: When was a meaningful time you saw people come together to pray?


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