Continuing Education Resources for Leaders and Congregations

Is important for all rostered ministers to engage in continuing education opportunities on an annual basis. Just as in other professions or work places, it is valuable for leaders to continue learning and growing in their knowledge and leadership skills, especially as it relates to ministry. The ELCA expects a minimum of 25 contact hours annually in organized continuing education, which will strengthen the rostered minister and make them more effective in their service.

Continuing education opportunities may cover a wide variety of topics such as preaching, stewardship, Biblical studies, spiritual practices, conferences related to ministry models or changing realities of the church – or any other topic of interest to the pastor or deacon. These opportunities may range from a single day seminar or webcast to a multiday event or enrollment in a program at an educational institution. The Indiana-Kentucky Synod Compensation Standards and ELCA Letter of Call recommends a minimum of two weeks of continuing education annually, and financial support from the congregation at a minimum of $700 annually. We also encourage the rostered minister to contribute a minimum of $300 annually to this fund, and note that these funds and the two weeks’ time may be accumulated during a three-year period. Participation in the annual Indiana-Kentucky Synod Professional Leaders Conference held each fall is expected for all rostered ministers and should not be counted toward the two weeks of continuing education time and resources.

A limited amount of financial assistance is also available from the Indiana-Kentucky Synod. A Continuing Education Covenant must be on file to receive funds. Funds are available on a first come, first served basis, and do not normally exceed the amount contributed by either the recipient or the congregation. Please use the links below to access the Continuing Education Covenant and Application for Continuing Education Funds.

Continuing Education Covenant

Application for Continuing Education Funds

Continuing Education Opportunities

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