Indiana-Kentucky Synod Global Missions

On Dec. 7, 1972 astronauts aboard Apollo 17 took a startling photo of the earth as they left earth’s orbit en route to the moon.

The photo reveals a beautiful blue orb, swirled with white and smattered with reds and browns, floating against the black backdrop of endless space.

Jesus promised that God’s Spirit would empower God’s people to be witnesses to God’s goodness and grace “to the ends of the earth.” Only from space can those ends, those boundaries, be seen.

From our local vantage point on the ground, it can be difficult to see God’s presence and activity beyond the borders of our own everyday lives. It can be easy to forget God’s deep and abiding love for the world.

“Global Mission” for the Indiana-Kentucky Synod means celebrating God’s presence to the ends of the earth. It reminds us that there are churches on every continent working as hard as we are in this country to faithfully proclaim and embody the good news of what God has done through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Through Global Mission the I-K Synod, along with the rest of the ELCA, practices a theology of accompaniment, which calls churches to walk together in service in God’s mission while each church maintains primary responsibility for its own area.

Whether it involves sending missionaries and other personnel to work with companion or national churches or sending grants to help fund important projects, providing means to help prepare leaders for service in the church of their home countries or facilitating visits, exchange programs, Companion Synod programs, and Global Mission Events, Global Mission in the I-K Synod lives the reality we confess Sunday after Sunday, “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church” that spans to the ends of the earth.

Sharing the Light of Christ in the World


Indiana-Kentucky Synod Global Mission Emphasis