Installation of a Call Committee with Prayers for a Shepherd

by The Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
[This rite may be downloaded at, and is used with his permission.]

P = Presiding Minister  A = Assisting Minister    R = Call Committee  C = Congregation
The order follows the Creed and replaces the Prayer of the Church.



P. Sisters and brothers in Christ, God has called us to a new time in our life as _______________ Church. It is a time for reflection and prayer, a time for self-examination and seeking, a time for expectation and hope. We need a shepherd to lead our flock, and God has promised that he will provide a shepherd for us.

A. The following persons have been appointed/elected to serve as the Call Committee of our church.
As the names are read, those persons present come forward to the chancel.

P. Dear friends, you have been duly appointed/elected to serve as the Call Committee for this congregation in order to seek a pastor to shepherd and lead us.
Sacred scripture guides us in our task, to seek a pastor who strives for righteousness and godliness, faith and love, endurance and gentleness — a pastor who is a servant as Christ himself was a servant — a pastor who is not domineering or quarrelsome, but who leads with care and concern for God’s flock — a pastor who is filled with the Holy Spirit and a trustworthy steward of the mysteries of God.
Yours is a spiritual endeavor on behalf of this congregation. Are you willing therefore to be open to the Spirit’s leading, and, by prayer and holy conversation, to undertake this calling to seek a shepherd for us?
R. Yes, by the help of God.

P. Will you be diligent in your seeking, careful in your listening, purposeful in your questioning, and respectful in all that you do?
R. Yes, by the help of God.

P. Will you seek the Lord’s guidance through Holy Scripture and prayer and in your deliberations with your fellow committee members until you are brought to one mind and one will in Christ and have chosen God’s shepherd for us?
R. Yes, by the help of God.

All stand.

A. Let us pray for those who are being installed today and for our church as we seek the Lord’s guidance during this special time.
Almighty God, you alone are the great Shepherd of the sheep, and we turn to you to lead and guide us in all things. Our trust and our hope is in you.
C. You are the way, the truth and the life.

A. As you have raised up faithful servants of your holy word to tend your flock in each time and place, send us now, we pray, a faithful shepherd to lead our flock.
C. Send us a shepherd, O Lord.

A. Send us a shepherd of goodness and grace, of strength and faith, of righteousness in your sight.
C. Send us a shepherd, O Lord.

A. Send us a shepherd to comfort and care for us, to preach your word, to teach our children, to baptize and commune, to marry and counsel, to visit the sick and lay to rest, to guide us and pray for us.
C. Send us a shepherd, O Lord.

A. Give us a holy patience in this time of our seeking, a patience that trusts in you for our present care, knowing that you will bring our good work to fulfillment in your time.
C. O Lord, hear our prayer.

A. Keep us faithful in mission, regular in worship, responsible in stewardship, mindful of the needy, and diligent in prayer.
C. O Lord, hear our prayer.

A. Fill us all with your Holy Spirit and magnify our gifts of discernment, that we might follow your will and leading into a future yet unknown.
C. O Lord, hear our prayer.

A. Bless those who are especially called to serve on the Call Committee. Give them the gifts they need to seek and find the pastor of your own nurturing, the shepherd of your own choosing, that we might be fed by your holy word and sacraments and grow in faith and love and ministry.
C. O Lord, hear our prayer.

P. All these things we ask, O God, with whatever else we need, in the name of him who is the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ our Lord.
C. Amen

The minister addresses the Call Committee.

P. I now declare that you have been installed as the Call Committee of _____________ Church. May God bring your good work to fulfillment and grace in Christ’s name.
C. Amen

P. The peace of the Lord be with you always.
C. And also with you.

All share the peace of the Lord. The liturgy continues as is customary after the peace.

Download a PDF of this liturgy.  InstallationofaCallCommittee