Eventbrite - 2016 Indiana-Kentucky Synod Assembly
In partnership with the Women of the ELCA, attendees of the synod assembly are asked to bring items for Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits. The kits will be assembled on-site during the assembly. See information on the back of this page for the required kit items. Any individual or church making donations should decide how many Personal Care Kits they want to provide for, and then bring the number of individual items (unassembled) that will complete those sets. Monetary donations will also be accepted – make checks out to “IK Synod.”

From the www.lwr.org website: When LWR distributes Personal Care Kits, it’s often to people who have lost everything. In the wake of an earthquake, or having fled from violence as their homes were overtaken, they clasp a towel from a faraway place, with a bar of soap, a toothbrush…and washing up, they know that they have not been forsaken by the world.

The very simple gesture of giving a Personal Care Kit can give someone the encouragement to start anew, starting with a bath. You can share God’s grace and love by providing that simple comfort.


  • Please give new items only, except where otherwise noted
  • Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or your congregation’s name.
  • Please do not donate any items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols, or references to the armed forces, including camouflage.

Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. All items should be new and in good condition.


One light-weight bath-size towel (between 20″×40″ & 52″×27″), dark color recommended



Two or three bath-size bars of soap equaling up to 8-9 oz, any brand, in original wrapping


One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging*


One sturdy comb, remove packaging


One metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging



GI_QK_PC_KitWrap all the items in the towel and tie securely with ribbons or yarn

*Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by sealing an individual toothbrush in a business-size envelope; no plastic bags or wrap