Tuition Assistance Scholarships

A portion of the annual endowment draw is used to apply $1000.00 per academic year ($500.00 per semester) toward the basic tuition of every candidate who has received a positive Entrance Decision from the Indiana-Kentucky Synod Candidacy Committee and who is a full-time seminary student or the equivalent in their program of study.

Guidelines for distribution of the Tuition Assistance Scholarships:

  • Candidates do not apply for these funds. The synod’s Assistant to the Bishop responsible for candidacy reviews the candidate database twice each year to determine which candidates are eligible for this scholarship and then processes distribution of the funds.
  • Funds are sent directly to the financial aid office of the candidate’s seminary for application to seminary-related expenses. One half of each candidate’s annual total scholarship is sent in September of each academic year, the other half in January. This pattern of dispersal aligns with both the academic year and the synod’s fiscal year. If a candidate is already receiving a full-tuition scholarship, these funds may be used to cover costs beyond tuition, books and fees – such as room, board, insurance, etc. – but it will count as taxable income to the student.
  • With the changes in academic degree programs, each candidate may receive the Tuition Assistance Scholarship for up those semesters in which they are enrolled full-time in seminary studies (or the equivalent in their chosen program). This scholarship is not normally available during internship.